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The exclusive contract between sellers / buyers and brokers Zashoto seller to entrust the sale of your home only one agent The exclusive contract between sellers and buyers of real estate brokerage firm is a topic that causes a lot of questions as the owners of homes and other real estate and the buyer. Why the seller to entrust the sale of your home just one broker? Why buyer to work with a broker? These are important questions that must answer before proceeding to a property deal. According to the specialist, often sellers of real estate believe that as more companies offer their property, the better. Furthermore, the notice published themselves. Many property owners say that their ad they call only brokers and almost no individuals - direct buyers. The seller said the agent, "Well, sell the property and you. Who first sold it - his was luck. "That's true, but there Fortunately the seller and what is its benefit? He must take the time to examine how to advertise his property. Also to see what information is provided to customers and how accurate it is. The buyer, in turn, asks: "Tell me why the property is offered by 10 companies, why has a different price and a different floor, in the various listings area of ​​the same property is different? Excuse me, but this property has something in him? "Stoykov is convinced that such matters are not in favor of either sellers or buyers. How to sell a product if it is available in five more stores? Of course, sooner or later the seller removed its price. The situation is the same if the product that offers the seller's property. This happens not because there is competition, namely the opposite - there is no competition between buyers. This is because none of the potential buyers are not aware of the existence of others. Any potential buyer of the property into contact with a different broker. Each agent to whom the buyer allowed to advertise his property because there is no exclusive contract with him as a salesman, there is only one motivation - time. Much of the property owners do not realize that only a professional agent can create real competition between buyers of real estate. Because the broker is a third party, it is not directly involved in the transaction. It's like a competition between intermediary companies - which of them will lead the first real buyer. The signing of an exclusive contract with an intermediary provides the customer a certain level of security for both the seller and the buyer. Each respecting its business brokerage firm works with protocols / declarations viewings. They record the data of people who cross the threshold of sellers - their full name, ID number, address on ID card. People who make property inspections and have serious intentions to purchase a property, should not refuse to provide data to the company with an official certificate. It would be embarrassing if they refuse. The same applies to sellers - why would refuse to provide data to a person they sought to show him the property, and that has to endorse them. Consider things carefully and choose a professional with whom to work. This is the advice of Stoykov. Whether you are in the role of buyer or seller of a property exclusive contract can bring you much more than you think with firm commitment would take. Realtors from Belle View Ltd. also behind the idea of ​​separation of the two contracts. We think there should be an exclusive contract between the seller and property agency and exclusive agreement between the purchaser of the property and the agency, as the cost of advertising in the two contracts are different. In most cases advertising costs when buying are much greater reveals expert. In his words, the contracts will be broken only when more agencies begin to manage hundreds of apartments, offices, stores and evaluate real-time to their brokers. In an exclusive contract between the purchaser of the property and the agency is able to include accurate area, street, even building. Then this is a long-term contract - subscription. In this case there should be advance payment of the agreed fee or commission for the agency. Still talking for long periods and brokers Agency devote much time to communicate with customers, creating contacts with potential sellers and buyers.

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