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For rent,Office 13/06/2018 11:48
Office, 62 m²
City/Town Plovdiv, Trakiia
Furnished furnished office in a newly built, modern building in Trakia district. ...
700 lv.
For sale,Office 23/03/2016 17:33
Office, 85 m²
City/Town Plovdiv, Tsentyr
We offer two levels of office in a building with Act 16 of 2009. The ground floor has an area of 50 square meters, and the ground is 35 m2 There bathroom (with toilet). The office is ready to move straight. ...
37,000 €
For sale,Office 12/02/2016 14:34
Office, 59 m²
City/Town Plovdiv, Industrialna zona-Sever
We present a modern office located in a new office building. The office has a total area of 58.52 square meters, Built-50.24 square meters common parts-8.28 m2,% of ideal shares-2,191. The building has underground parking (not included in the pric ...
32,500 €
For sale,Office 18/09/2018 11:16
Office, 180 m² (+ yard of 20 m²)
City/Town Plovdiv, Tsentyr
We present to your attention a spacious office in the center of Sofia near the Medical University. Area 180 sq.m. , with 140 sq.m. is the ground floor and has 40 sq.m. an underground room with access to a courtyard that is in ideal parts and is in ...
150,000 €
For sale,Office 17/11/2015 17:28
Office, 620 m²
City/Town Plovdiv, Vystanicheski
We offer luxury office building of four floors. With Elevator 1. 8 meters of 1. 6 meters, air-conditioning and heating systems. Luxury facade - Granite + glass courtyard with parking, an act 16.Parviya floor can be used as a store. Second and thir ...
650,000 €
For sale,Office 08/05/2018 16:03
Office, 66 m²
City/Town Plovdiv, Kamenica 1
Offer 3946, Kamenitsa, Lauta Park, office 66,78 sq.m. with common parts, 52.04 sq.m. net area of the 1st floor of 10. It consists of one large premise, bathroom with toilet, 1 terrace. The premise is on ground coat and putty, luxury common parts, ...
46,100 €
For sale,Office 19/02/2016 16:00
Office, 269 m²
City/Town Plovdiv, Industrialna zona-Sever
We offer office-industrial area north of Plovdiv. Located on the sixth floor of a nine office building. The area is located in 10 pieces. rooms which walls are Knauf and this predisposes to the needs of a given type of activity to be carried out i ...
119,600 €
For rent,Office 06/02/2016 12:47
Office, 30 m²
City/Town Plovdiv, Iujen
We offer office building. The office has an area of 30 square meters On the ground floor of 5 floors. There bathroom. ...
118 €
For rent,Office 31/07/2018 18:21
Office, 19 m²
City/Town Plovdiv, Kyrshiiaka
Premises with face and outlet on a main boulevard in Karshiyaka district. Area 19 sq.m. commercial premise 15 sq.m. storage room with toilet and sink 4 sq.m. Free parking - parking in front of the room. Status of industrial goods, height 2.90 mete ...
300 lv.
For rent,Office 21/10/2015 10:36
Office, 20 m²
City/Town Plovdiv, Kyrshiiaka
We present private office after overhaul kv.Kurshijaka located in the back of the RIC casino, consisting of a working room, hall, toilet, flooring floor - tiles, bathroom tiles and floor tiles, new sanitary ware, water heater, sink. ...
100 €
For rent,Office 21/02/2018 12:07
Office, 111 m²
City/Town Plovdiv, Kyrshiiaka
Spacious modern, unfurnished office, located in a new luxury building on a boulevard. It consists of three rooms and a bathroom. There is a possibility of free parking. ...
660 €
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