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For sale,Agricultural land 21/02/2011 10:24
Agricultural land, 5000 m²
District Dobrich, town Kavarna
Unregulated land 300 meters from the beach with an incredible view to it - land 5000 sq.m. rectangular size, the seventh category, without a restrictive regime, located in the village of Bulgarevo, Kavarna, Dobrich, situated 6 km from Kavarna, 350 ...
10,300 €
For sale,Agricultural land 24/09/2015 18:00
Agricultural land, 5000 m²
District Pazardjik, town Velingrad
We present agricultural land in the spa capital of the Balkans Velingrad 5000 sq meters of spas grada.Do land near electricity and water and sanitation can also spend mineral water in the plot with an asphalt road. ...
25,000 €
For sale,Agricultural land 19/09/2016 16:21
Agricultural land, 3798 m²
District Plovdiv, village Branipole
PROMOTION !!! When you purchase a property through a real estate agency BELLE VIEW Ltd., only now receiving individual bonus package discount on fees at the conclusion of transactions !!! Hurry and call now to get it !!! The promotion is valid unt ...
22,788 €
For sale,Agricultural land 12/05/2014 15:46
Agricultural land, 62765 m²
District Plovdiv, village Malyk Chardak
Modern orchard with a total area of ​​62.7 hectares. Composed primarily of apple trees are 6-7 years old. Varieties: Starkrimson, Belgolden, Florina, Jonagold, Chadel, Aidared, Grenismid, muzzle Melroze, Goloster 69 Sekaichi. The garden is drip ir ...
79,300 €
For sale,Agricultural land 28/04/2017 14:57
Agricultural land, 6000 m²
City/Town Plovdiv, Industrialna zona-Iztok
We present to you an agricultural land suitable for industrial construction, located in the industrial zone - east, near Tsarigradsko shose. The total area of the property is 6,000 dka. Electricity, water and sewerage are near the ground. There is ...
51,200 €
For sale,Agricultural land 02/12/2010 13:53
Agricultural land, 22000 m²
District Plovdiv, village Tsaratsovo
Land area of 22 acres, 2 km from Plovdiv and 3 km of the Trakia motorway. Located 150 meters north of the main road Plovdiv-Tsaratsovo with two faces of a soft-time in 110 meters. Situated in the territory of the acting companies - near Teolino la ...
330,000 €
For sale,Agricultural land 16/02/2011 11:24
Agricultural land, 3783 m²
District Plovdiv, village Markovo
Levels with area 3783 m2 IV category in the village of Markovo,Locality Komsala.Price 10 Euro square meters 37 830 BGN 19 400 е ...
19,350 €
For sale,Agricultural land 16/02/2011 11:28
Agricultural land, 3628 m²
District Plovdiv, village Belashtitsa
Levels with area 3628 m2 III category in the village of Belashtitsa,area \"White Mill\".Price 15 Euro square meters 54 429 BGN 27 912 е ...
27,830 €
For sale,Agricultural land 16/02/2011 11:32
Agricultural land, 1300 m²
District Plovdiv, village Belashtitsa
A vineyard area of 1300 square meters IV category in the village of Belashtitsa,Locality Zahridievo. The vineyard is neplododavashto.Price 15 Euro square meters 19 500 BGN 10 000 е. ...
10,000 €
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