Real estate services

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Real estate agency "Belle Vue" Plovdiv has as main object of activity:
 - brokerage services in the purchase, exchange and rental of real estate, assistance and consultancy
- consultations on transactions and legal issues related to real estate
-Preparation of all types of documents for successful conclusion of a transaction upon conclusion of a contract for buying a property.

      The obligations of the Agency to the Owner of a property declared for sale are:
Initial view of the property - apartment, house, shop, office, plot and more.price consultation and property sales opportunitiesa review of the property documentsspecifying the procedure for offering and entering into a transactionconcluding a brokerage agreement between the Agency and the Owner (or a person authorized by him / her) to whom the Owner assigns the sale and sale to the Agency and provides advertising freedomviewing potential buyers      Agency's obligations to potential Buyers:
initial meeting to specify the parameters of the property searched, the payment method and the state of the marketconcluding an intermediary contract with which the Buyer assigns to the Agency the demand for property according to the specified parametersorganizing and conducting surveys of pre-selected propertieswith interest, organizing and holding meetings with the ownerto carry out the necessary checks to specify the ownership, including a check on weights on the day of signing the Preliminary Contract for sale and on the day of the notarial transfer of ownership.      Obligations of the Agency to Seller and Buyer:
preparation and conclusion of a preliminary contract for purchase and salearranging the notarial transfer of ownership to a notarysecuring payment security and exchange of deed and money

. When buying or selling a real estate through the real estate agency "Belle Vue:  The remuneration for the services provided by the agency for the purchase and sale of real estate amounts to 2% to 3% of the negotiated selling price but not less than 500 / five hundred euros and is payable on the day of signing the preliminary contract for purchase / sale, or if it does not exist on the day of the notary transfer of the property.
The remuneration for agency services for the letting or rental of real estate amounts to 50 to 100% (fifty to one hundred percent) of the rental price.Making reviews for agency customers is FREE.

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