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Intermediation contract with Belle VueSigning a contract for mediation with Belle Vue is mandatory and set out the duties and responsibilities between the two parties - principal and agent. Thereby safeguarding the interests of our clients. Each of our clients can choose to assign exclusive rights to Belle Vue or work with other companies , but good knowledge and trust in the company are important elements to realize the requested transaction. In the process of negotiating the deal, Belle Vue offers its clients a professional and timely consultation with an attorney and notary. SELECTION OF PROPERTYTo enable the broker to Belle Vue to advise the client and together choose the most suitable property, you must in a prior interview with the client agent to clarify the detailed requirements regarding the property , the purpose of purchasing the property, his convenience for viewings .If you are interested any offer, customers can rely on the provision of complete and comprehensive information about the property - reviewing documents , photographs and sketches of the property, and the settlement of views and sharing experiences with the agent . When the client chooses its appropriate property broker is one who negotiates and protect its interests in the implementation of the transaction.PRELIMINARY AGREEMENT FOR SALESPurchase of real estate happens to signing the preliminary contract of sale and notary after 30-40 days , or directly with notarization .We offer our customers the option to maintain them like property by depositing in safe custody at Belle Vue against which the customer receives a receipt for the deposit. The term of deposit is an agreement , but usually after about 1 week signed a preliminary agreement for the sale.Following an agreement between two parties - a buyer and Belle Vue prepare and organize the preliminary contract of sale . On signing this contract , the buyer pays the seller a deposit of 10 % of the purchase price as a deposit and agree to the terms of the deal - day, hour , notaries, notary documents required for transfer . Serve our clients and legal and legal advice. On the day of the signing of the contract of sale , the customer owes the remuneration of Belle Vue , as the broker is committed to review all documentation accompanying the transaction and the history of the property.sales PlovdivRequest a demand for the property you
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